July 2023 Calendar

With summer here, it’s time to look ahead and plan for the month of July. It’s a great time to throw a few BBQs with family and friends. Of course, make sure you don’t forget to fill out your July 2023 calendar by noting down important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, or anything else that … Read more

March 2023 Calendar

Are you looking for a March 2023 calendar? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here at DIYplanner, we have a wide selection of calendars to choose from. Whether you need a calendar for work or home, we’ve got you covered. March is an exciting month, as it’s when the days grow longer, the … Read more

January 2023 Calendar

Are you ready to get organized for the new year? Whether you’re looking for a way to stay productive or looking to plan out some fun activities, a January 2023 calendar can provide just the right balance of structure and flexibility. Not only is it convenient to have all your upcoming plans in one place, … Read more

5 Best Productivity Planners

Do you use a planner? There are so many ways to plan and document your day that you might have moved away from the planner if you rely on apps and productivity software. However, planners still have a place in optimizing your day. In this article, we explain what productivity planners are, why they’re important … Read more

Hipster PDA

Templates and text are ©2004-2006 Douglas Johnston except where noted About the Hipster PDA Edition The D*I*Y Planner 3.0 Hipster PDA Edition is a series of do-it-yourself 3″x5″ (index card size) templates for planning and organisational purposes. It was created as a supplement to the D*I*Y Planner 3.0 kit and the templates are re-designed for … Read more

How To Make a Planner

Many first-time visitors to this site are probably overwhelmed by the vast number of pages, templates, packages, sizes and loose forms available. This little all-in-one guide is meant to direct beginners to downloading the right packages, printing and preparing the forms, and setting up a basic planner or Hipster PDA using the D*I*Y Planner kits. … Read more

DIY Planner Templates

Here are some basic guidelines for printing and preparing the templates. Be sure to read all of these, and understand them, before you begin printing. How To Print DIY Planner Pages There are three different PDF files included within this package. The master file diyp2.pdf and the GTD diagrams file diyp2_gtd.pdf should both be printed on 5.5″x8.5″ paper (half letter size), … Read more