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Pasadena, Ca
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On a "Parenting Sabbatical" at home with my 4 year old daughter. As I have spend more time in an office environment, I feel rarely qualified to be considered a stay at home Mom. Being that I may do this for the next twenty years I have no intention of calling this permanent. Despite all that I give Kudos for anyone who does this job and owns it or does it well. For me I've known more males that either do it or would be more steller at this job than myself. Otherwise. I'm an enthusiastic list maker. Whoo-hoo!

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Um, yea. I am a geek and here I reveal my interests. Currently I seem to be free of any obsessive or time consuming hobbies.

I am still following the music of John Mayer. For our wedding anniversary we went on the Mayercraft Carrier. But it does look like I will miss this summer's concert tour.

I recently went through a Disney pin recovery.

I'm desperate to get my knitting back on track.

The license plate frame on my car says, "My other car is a portkey." Although I love it I think it should correctly say, "My car IS a portkey." I recently got stopped at McDonalds by someone who wanted to take a picture of it. (There goes my 15 minutes!)

Every year we attend Comic-Con. No we don't dress up. It's okay if YOU do. Not my thing.

I have come to accept that I DO like starbucks. The Chai, not the coffee.

That is more than you need to know. And more than I've shared.

No I do not or will not be on My Space or Facebook or any other similar site. We have a blog for the family and it's ard enoght keeping up with that.



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