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I train police and correctional officers, teach at several colleges, am finishing a PhD in political science/public administration with dissertation on privatization of prison services (finding that it's a baaaad idea).

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When there is time, photography, day hiking, reading Tony Hillerman and Loren Eiseley, watching ridiculous movies such as Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, really like Dr. Who, The Red Green show, Daily Show. Public administration geek and PA policy wonk (it is soooo sad: gotta get a life). Taking my wife to dinner and a movie (yes, I'm tired of chick flicks).


Training manager for a large state agency; associate professor of political science/public administration at the UofU, associate professor of criminal justice and sociology at three other colleges in Utah. Married 32+ years, 5 kids (3 of whom are social work therapists), 1 cat (wife's), 2 dogs (mine and son's) and don't want anymore (kids or pets). 27 year veteran police officer.


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