Circa: how to add an elastic band to the translucent letter folder?

my first post here. I'm about to order Circa system...I think I'm going with the basic letter-sized translucent folder but really want to add 2 things: an elastic band (which I only see on the clothbound folder - but I don't like the colors or the feel) and a pen holder.

Any ideas for the elastic band? (like my moleskin has). Can a hole be succesfully punched into the back cover to secure the elastic? Would I tie it? Has anyone else done this??? Thanks!

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there are options

My Levenger plastic cover is a few years old now, but I don't think it's much different, but I don't see why you couldn't punch a hole or two in the back, and thread the elastic through it, tie it off, and do that. Also, you could probably staple the elastic to it as well. You could also staple a pen holder to the back cover, I would think. Another option, is to use another piece of plastic, and punch the smurfs into it, and attach it through the rings.

All that said, the clothbound covers are probably much more sturdy for carrying the book alone. I tuck my plastic-covered Levenger in an old Pocket Briefcase, but I don't know how well it would hold together on its own. The plastic covers are thin, and if the elastic isn't not tight, I would think things would bounce around. Of course, if you don't like the elastic, removing it only leaves a couple little holes in the back--no great loss...


Google "barbed elastic string"

Here are two of the better links:

All you would need is an appropriate length with a barb at each end and then just punch two holes.

I will attach a picture of a notebook I have like that to help you with the idea.
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Elastic Band and Pen Holder

Have a look at . It is suitable for any notebook with a sufficiently stiff cover, not just Moleskines, and it resolves the need for a pen holder as well as the elastic for closure.

You could also go low-tech with a couple of large elastic bands and a binder clip for the pen holder.

Bob H.

I use

ladies head/hairbands. The ones that are flat and have the rubber grips work best. Lots of colors including the basic black :)