Printing Hipster tricks

I am in love - reading David Allen's GTD book and then finding this web site is terrific. The hipster is exactly what I need. Thanks to all of you who blazed the way before me.

Buying the 3 by 5 file cards was simple - figuring out how to print them was an adventure in creative problem solving. This is what worked for me - and hopefully will help others of you with printing problems - who knows, you probabaly already discovered this....

I am using Microsoft XP and HP laser jet printers that are 3by5 capable. What I finally found that worked wonders was:
-Go to Printers & Faxes on the control panel
- select your printer
- select File - Server Properties (whose says this needs to make sense?)
- select forms and Create New Form
- call it 3 by 5 or whatever
- select the size 3by5 ( I had to play around abit with the margins, and found that for my HP Laserjet the best option was 3.35 inches by 5)
- hit Ok or apply.

When you go into Adobe to print
- select Page setup and you will find that you can then select a 3by5 page that you created in the form section above. Now I always have that setting available and can easily flip back and forthe between regualr sized paper and 3 by 5 with no issues.

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Great Tip

Thank you so much for this tip. Finally I can print out the Hipster forms on my printer.

Managing Print Function in Adobe Reader

This saved me untold hours of grief and should be prominently linked on the forms page -- thank you!!

Do you know if you can do

Do you know if you can do this on a network printer. Do I need my system Admin to set this up?

Network Printer


If you don't have rights to save the form definition, I think it won't even let you into the area where you can define the custom form.

So you probably will need assistance from your sysadmin if you can't get to the screen described in the previous message.

...but it's worth a shot to try first... :)

Just be careful not to make that the "Default" form for the printer. That will screw up every other print job someone sends to that printer.

(thus speaks the voice of experience!)


You Rock!

I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to define a new paper size. Finally, I checked the files here and found your tip. Instant success. Virtual thank you chocolate/margarita (your choice, my treat) coming your way.