Left-Handed Weekly Calendar

A "Weekly Planning" template made for us lefties who use classic ring-bound planners.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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My boyfriend bought me a beautiful Franklin Covey leather-bound planner for my birthday. I was thrilled; finally I had something beautiful to put my D*I*Y Planner pages in. Problem is, I'm left-handed, so writing on the right-side pages is a real pain.

This template is made so that the work days of the week (Monday-Friday) are on the left. It's currently not in the D*I*Y Planner style, because I'm redesigning more than just my calendar anyway. If there are enough lefties who want this in a D*I*Y Planner style, though, I'd be happy to make one.

I also included a checklist for the Weekly Review, and some reminders for every day. There are even four different snippets I took from GTD to remind/inspire me throughout the month. The snippets are different for each week.

It's in a 2-up format for the Classic-size planners, and if you print them double-sided, the holes to be punched will always be in the center of the 2-up page (so if you want to fold them in half and then punch them, instead of cutting, you can).

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Y need translate this to Portuguese. Send me the original to edit. Excuse for my bad English.


Lefties, unite!

Hi there: thank you so much for this template. my staff gave me a beautiful leather daytimer a few years ago but because I am left handed, the very large rings make it imposssible to use.

so, your template is greatly appreciated, i am going to print it out and give it a try.

Wow! Thank you so much! Left

Wow! Thank you so much! Left handers rock! Weeee :D

Hi! I actually have a

Hi! I actually have a suggestion. Why don't you align Saturday and Sunday to the right? haha. I don't know if that's feasible but it's definitely easier to write.

Great!....when can you do a Letter size?

Excellent design and style, but we need a Letter (8.5 x 11) size as well. Also, what program did you use to initially create the form?


Thank you and PLEASE, PLEASE keep making more of them! :0)

I'm tired of hurting myself to write things down.

Living Left In A Right-Handed World

Thanks so much for this template. I'm putting it to use in my classic planner.

Would love to see more "lefty-friendly" templates for download.


lefty template for a righty

I l-o-v-e you lefty template. I put in a lined paper area where your checklist is so I can write notes on the right-hand side.
Wish my copies were clearer. They are fuzzy from copying and pasting from pdf, but they work just fine.


This looks like a perfect planner for lefties! However, I would love to see an Open Source version so I can customize the checklist and make it letter sized. Thanks!

Support for DIY version

Thanks for doing this; I had just sort of assumed I wouldn't be able to find anything like this. I am still interested in making a DIY planner someday, though, so a southpaw version of that would be nice.

Thank you!!! Finally

Thank you!!! Finally something for us lefties!!


I'm very thankful for this template. It makes things a lot more easier. Only a lefty can appreciate it!

Awesome template!

Thank you so much for making this, I'm trying to buy my husband a planner and he is left handed so I know he will love this. I really like the check lists, thanks again!