Untitled Multi-Use Form

How about a just plan old untitled page that looked like the "Actions" or "Waiting For" pages. It could be used for many of the pages except things like calender. Just take off the title and replace it with a blank line so we can title it anything we want. Not quite as fancy looking to have a hand written title but more in tune with the flexable mindset. Might also reduce number of pages to carry as it would be a common page that can be stolen from other tabs if I need another one.

Just think Matrix is for tabular data, a general LIST lets call it page could be a generic for many of the other pages. think catagories: tabular: the matrix, list: (proposed), calendar (your choice mo/wk/day combo). Simple straight forward, productive. The system GTD stays the same, but a generic page might make it easier to shuffle the papers and maintain.

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I've been meaning to make one of those for myself...

I've been meaning to make one of those for myself, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think a generic list would be very handy-- I'd use it instead of the pre-titled lists-- I'd rather just title it myself.

Blank Checklist in the directory

This is a great idea, so I made one and posted it to the directory.

Thanks for the idea.

cruss hcity net

Customizable form?

Along the same lines, how about a blank form, but with a slot on the title you can fill in done the same way you can have PDF forms you can fill in using adobe reader. This way you wouldn't need the full version of acrobat, you would just load it up in the reader, fill in the title, and print.