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David Allen recommends (GTD, page 155) maintaining a list of your active projects, and this does just that. No frills, just a list.

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This project list has space at the top to write the context (projects @work vs. @home). Then on the list itself, there's a small space for a code so I can tie an item on my Next Actions list (from the basic D*I*Y Planner template) to this list. That way, when I do my weekly review, I can tell at a glance that everything on my project list has a Next Action. Then, I write the project description and the date. This can be the date you added it to the list, project start date, due date, or your birthday. Whatever fits your needs. Then there's a small space for notes at the bottom.

In the zip file, you'll find a PDF and an ODG file. Go wild.

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