A Call for Guest Writers

As you all know, D*I*Y Planner's had a few changes the past few months. Doug's got a new baby and is moving to a new locale, we've gained a few new administrative peeps to help out on the site, and we've lost a few staff writers. We're still looking for a permament replacement for our Tuesday digital/analog writer (thanks to Chris Brogan who's been helping us out with articles on Tuesdays in the interim), so if you think you're up to the challenge of writing a weekly article that caters to our site, let me and Doug know.

However, we're also looking for people to write articles for Guest Post Wednesday. To be a guest writer, all you need is an idea, and some spare time to write and submit to the site. Interested, but not sure what topics you'd want to write about? Read on to see a list of article topics we'd love to see on the site.

Here's a few ideas I'd like to see written and posted on the site:

  • Goals and Motivations
  • Personal planner stories and experiences
  • Thoughts on Project Management styles and techniques
  • Best tips or tricks on switching from digital to analog systems (or vice versa)
  • Life hack tips that incorporate the use of journals or paper planning in helping to simplify or making life meaningful

We suspect that we have some professional productivity and life coaches who read the site and we'd love to hear from you. Even if you're not a professional writer or coach, I'd love to hear from you. Moms use planners, right? Well, what about sharing with us a list of tips on how to keep the family organized and planned so you can spend more quality time together.

If you think you have an article in you and would love to see your name in print, read our writer's guidelines and then email your submission to me. I'll read your submission, provide useful editorial comments (if necessary) and schedule a date for your debut. We'll even help you post it, if you have problems.

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Mom on the go here...

And it just so happens I like to write! I will take a crack at it!

email me

Please email me your ideas and a sample of your writing, and we'll discuss the details.

Thanks for your interest,
/jaymi (innowen)