Levenger Circa Junior sized accessories?

Christmas was good to me and I have a new Junior-sized agenda set up for the new year (which really is more comfortable to work with than the compact size, even if it is marginally less portable) but I distinctly remember that Levenger used to offer a lot more in the way of accessories than they currently do, particularly in the non-letter sizes.

I'm specifically looking for:

Junior sized business card holder
Junior sized Storyboard paper
Junior sized CD holder (if such a thing existed - I know Filofax has something.)

My back up plan is to get Filofax A5 things, reinforce the spine somehow to fill in the existing holes (packing tape?) and then punch with my Circa desk punch, but I'm not convinced this will work out well, so I thought I'd ask around about actual proper Circa stuff first. :)

(If you have any other junior sized inserts and accessories, let me know too. Maybe something else will work.)

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Don't look to Levenger. They do not make what you want.

You might try :

and for the storyboards, there are a few variations in here: http://www.diyplanner.com/templates/official/classic in the Creativity package
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They used to, right? I'm not imagining it?

(A LONG time ago now, though. I just remember looking through a pamphlet that came with a Junior Circa notebook back when I first discovered Levenger, and being impressed at the range of things...)

Thanks for the reminder of Rollabind, though. I tend to forget about them because last time I tried to order through the website it didn't work, but I placed my order for a few bits and pieces last night and it seems to have gone through successfully. So soon my notebook will be perfectly customized. (Naturally, as soon as I want to print out a bunch of forms, the printer needs more toner. But that's a small problem.)

Yes, they did

If I had to limit myself to one complaint against Levenger it would be that they constantly drop products that folks would find useful -- like business card holder pages.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

I totally agree

It's a bit frustrating to look at the prices they have for items and know that you might commit to a system only to have them drop it the next catalog. It's not exactly inexpensive to set up a Circa system if you want the nice covers and some of the accessories - it adds up.

(Thankfully, there is diyplanner.com and my printer. And now, a Circa desk punch that seriously looks like I could beat someone to death with it, rinse it off, and go right back to punching perfect holes. I'm actually a little intimidated by the weight of it.)

To be fair, there were a bunch of complaints made about the design of the business card pages if you read the reviews on the website (the letter size ones are still available) so it's POSSIBLE that they pulled them to do a redesign - but then as a customer I'd like to know that, rather than having things just sort of mysteriously vanish only to very rarely pop up on the ebay outlet.

(Which, btw for anyone still reading, you have to be sensible about. Double check the price of anything that's still on the Levenger site proper - I've seen a lot of things go on ebay for well over what they're asking on the Levenger site, and that's without any discount codes or special offers included, which there seem to be plenty of for the site itself. When I bid on something from the ebay outlet that's actually still on the Levenger site, I add a note to it on the "My eBay" page with details of what the cost is on the site proper, to help keep myself from getting caught up in the bidding 'game'.) (Circa punches are actually a great example of this - they go on ebay for at or very near the website price almost every time that I've seen, and like I said, the website has coupon codes and freebies that might offset the cost.)

Pocket Dock-it

You can still find the Junior size "Pocket Dock-it" on the Levenger Ebay outlet from time to time. I bought a packet of two sheets recently for $2.95 there.

Please let us know how the Rollabing order goes, seems they were still dragging their feet with orders lately.

I shall report in when it arrives!

It's currently "pending" which does not fill me with a great deal of confidence, but it IS a weekend...

Luckily nothing I ordered is really essential for putting the thing into use. (Hmm. Actually, now I think about it, I might have a compact sized business card holder insert around. I have to look and see, I could use that temporarily.)

Mostly what I'm waiting on now is term to start so I find out what my major assignments and exam dates are. (I print out customized to do lists per major assignment, breaking it into smaller parts, and order them by due date. I have a bad habit of leaving things until the last minute and then doing it all at once, which is not ideal, and having it all laid out and neatly typed reminds me to do a little bit here, a little bit there, depending on what I feel like working on. Plus, checking the tick box on a paper list is MUCH more satisfying than just clicking the "complete" button or deleting a task on the computer.)

Look in Misc Templates here for CD holder

I have found so many wonderful cut n glue templates here in the last week of surfing D*I*Y planners.
I came across a printable CD Envelope template here last week.
It is called "Paper CD Case" on page 10 of Misc Templates thread [sorry can't post hyperlinks or my posts get eaten :) ]
With some fiddling it might be what you need?
If it's not the right size, I gather things are scalable when printed from PDF?
Good luck!

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That CD template has been around forever! And I missed it! Thanks for digging it out! Here's a link:

Paper CD Case


I think that Staples "ARC"

I think that Staples "ARC" notebooks have business card pages as an accessory. Might be an option - the pages should fit Circa just fine.

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Not yet, but we hope

The only accessories currently listed are pocket dividers, tab dividers, page flags, task pads, and assorted filler paper (none blank). I got one junior size poly notebook and one each of the accessories (except paper) to "test drive" them. They are better than the Staples Rolla junque. There is hope.

I hope :)
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