Dynamic Templates: A5, 2-page spread, monthly and weekly (2011 included)


(updated/fixed templates, fix next year calendar)

An update of my design: LaTeX and Python scripts to generate monthly and weekly templates in A5 format.

* multi language (any Latin UTF-8 should work)

* included 2011 template (pdf)

* lightweight but the actual appearance will be significantly influenced by the printer characteristics (colours, line thickness may be altered with reasonable ease but no GUI !)


DIY_Organizer-dist_2010-12-16.zip197.2 KB
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oops, the "next year" yearly


the "next year" yearly calendar is wrong (is actually the current year)

fix available if anybody is interested


Very nice

and the fix is highly appreciated. I suggest you simply update the attachment.

Thanks in advance!

Update: Fixed it by myself.

In the file DYI_Year_Calendar_Next_LeftPage.tex the \begin -- \end block has to be modified:

\MonthNameRowYC{\January}{\February}{\March} \\
\MonthTblYC{\MonthTblJanNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblFebNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblMarNext} \\
\MonthNameRowYC{\April}{\May}{\June} \\
\MonthTblYC{\MonthTblAprNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblMayNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblJunNext} \\
\MonthNameRowYC{\July}{\August}{\September} \\
\MonthTblYC{\MonthTblJulNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblAugNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblSepNext} \\
\MonthNameRowYC{\October}{\November}{\December} \\
\MonthTblYC{\MonthTblOctNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblNovNext} & \MonthTblYC{\MonthTblDecNext}

Thanks karobe2 :) I didn't

Thanks karobe2 :)

I didn't realize that I can update the attachment.

It is now fixed.