Day Runner Planners at Five Below

Dear Friends: Today, Oct. 13, I saw Day Runner 3-3/4 x 6-3/4 Day Runner planners at a Five Below store in Woodbridge, N.J. for $1 each. Cover, paper fillers, ring-bound. May I ask: How can one use something so small? There is scarcely room to write anything with a fine point ball point pen. Glad of your experience, Steve

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Wow, did I misunderstand the title of this post...

I was expecting a story of how someone's paper planner worked flawlessly under near-arctic conditions while smart phones/laptops were frozen stiff. ;)

Are you sure is was only $1 ?

I saw the same item at my local Five-Below (like a Dollar Store but a bit classier and stuff can cost as much as $5, thus the name "$5 or below") and I recall seeing on a shelf marked $5.

Either way, a bargain.

As far as size, you just gotta learn to write teeny. A pen like one of these Uni-Ball Signo 0.18 pens makes a big difference. The claim is "the world's thinnest gel pen", and I would agree. I bought a few and they are nice !
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That's a pretty standard size.

That's the Filofax Personal size page (other six ring planners use that size as well). Franklin Covey's six ring planner page is a half inch wider.

If I had one of those stores near-by I'd buy them up just for the blank pages.

You're Right: $5

The 3-3/4"x6-3/4" planner is indeed $5 at Five Below. The prices on the shelves were obscured. Thanks be to Ygor for the tip about a 0.18-mm ballpoint gel pen. I shall go shopping.

Small is beautiful

I am using the size 3 1/3 x 6 inch (89 x 153 mm, the pocket size of Franklin-Covey) since long in bounded calendars and it worked really well. Lately I swichted to a ring bound planner of the same size. It fits well into the pockets.
But I have to admit that I am using this system only to organize my private stuff. In office I am on an A4 ring binder of a UK-brand. There this size is ideal because there is no need for cutting calendar pages printed out from PIM-software.
By the way, a very similar offer as the one you mentioned was at a big discounter in germany last week: no-name leather planner at € 6,99 with calendar pages for 2011 and 2012.