3 rings without a binder??

i have had planner of some sort for most of my 42 year old life. i was always buying new ones, trying to fit my needs to the planner`s structure in an attempt to be organzed-until i found this site. i am a working mom with 3 kids ages 6, 15 and 19. i am also the leader of a girl scout troop of 28 girls. since browsing this site, i discovered; 1) i am not alone in my addiction to all things office-related, 2) i can create my own pages and change them whenever i want to, 3) my planner is is not just for writing only-i can doodle, color, add stickers etc, and 4) a good planner is what works for you and does not have look like every other planner. how liberating!! my employer recently cleaned out the storage area and i scored on quite a few packages of precut half sheets in blue, pink and green. i will use the blue for calendar, green for girl scouts, and pink for everything else. i purchased a junior starter circa set and thought i came home until i showed my husband the punch and how i needed to spend $70+ for something to punch holes when i already have a 3 hole punch at work and one at home. instead i bought three 1 inch rings for less than $2 total. today i am going to create my planner with a clear plastic cover so i can change the paper underneath whenever i want. i will use the three rings without a binder so the planner can fold back like a circa. i saw journal by leeds at my kid`s college bookstore that used this concept, except the cover was raw leather with the school logo stamped on it. i have not seen anything like this so i am wondering if it will work??

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You need to add something stiff to your stack

or else it will flobble (yes, that's a word. It's a group of letters, isn't it?) around on you. And if you let it flobble, it will A) be hard to write on and B) as the stack flexs and bends it puts extra stress on your 'holes' and pages will eventually start getting loose.

I think the easiest thing would to be get a piece of fiber board or something cut to size and drilled. This won't have to interfere with your plans to have clear plastic covers. Just have your stack go:

Clear plastic
Decorative paper
(Guts of your planner, i.e. Papers/dividers/whatever)
Stiffening board
Decorative paper
Clear plastic

Yes, it can work

I agree with SusanBeth that you need something stiff to add to the stack.
A few things that come to mind are some heavy matte board or the board from a clipboard -- or even use a clipboard with the clip on the outside !

Here is a product that is like your idea: Komtrak KOOOLBind
They use a strip to hold the rings in place. Makes the notebook a bit less floppy, but could be a problem when you put it in a backpack or briefcase.

You have a great idea. Go for it ! Post some pictures when you get something you are happy with. I'd like to see what you come up with
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