Chaos Oasis

Due to RL concerns, Oasis underwent several revisions and was delayed by almost a year. The final version is a letter sized integrated, streamlined, adaptable Life Managment Center. Rather than hit every hour of each day, Oasis gives you space to plan the things that are important to you. Everyday life is a hectic mix of home, work, family, social obligations, and creative endevors--get Oasis and come in out of the storm.

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Leave conformity behind; decide what you need to track and plan. Suddenly time conforms to your schedule-- that is Oasis.

*Oasis is a perpetual calendar. Enter the starting year, day, and weekly planner start day on the main page. You can start the yearly, monthly, and weekly pages on any day of the week you choose. Traditional Sunday? Go-getter Monday? Wacky Wednesday? Oasis will automatically format the calendars for dates and day titles.

*I punch holes on both the left and right sides of the Monthly and Weekly Pages after printing them front to back. Each week or Month, I insert the Monthly page on the left side of the binder and the weekly page on the right. When the week changes, I just move/flip the pages so that the month is still on the left and the week is still on the right. No more transferring, no more writing on an uncomfortable side of the page. Left handed? Reverse and put the month on the right.

* I find it easiest to keep major appointments on the monthly page.

*The Weekly page has 1 small and 5 large sections per day to track whatever you want. Use them for meals, subjects, social obligations, to do lists, tracking, or anything you can think of. Every week does not have to be the same. One week may be more family focused, another may be more appointment focused. Use morning noon and night headings for a more traditional feel. Track feeding times, or solve writing problems--there is no set category. It prints in 12 week increments, but you can print out as few or as many pages as you need.

*The good behavior chart is gridded for small round stickers (get a book with 1000's at any dollar store.) Adapt the behavior for your child's problem areas. And remember to accentuate the positive! No Don'ts allowed. :)

*I've included a basic lesson planner for home school use. This is very adaptable to homework assignments, ongoing projects, daily chores, medication usage, or other tracking/planning issues.

*Household tab gives a quick integrated list of what needs to happen in each room of your house. Update it for your personal use. It also has a quick tracking reference for recurring schedules and phone numbers.

*Also included is a tab of lined note pages and a tab to track birthdays, address, and phone numbers.

This work is entirely my own. It is my baby and was very labor intensive; please do not sell it in any capacity. You may alter it for your personal use and you may freely redistribute it as long as you give credit.

Cheryl Williams
euphrasyne at

Creative Commons
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Microsoft Excel
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I almost missed this so I want to give it a bump.

Problem Uploading

I am really interested in this template unfortunately when I download the file Excel is not able to download the full template it just shows some of the text.


It downloads just fine when I download and look at that file. There are SEVERAL tabs. Did you look beyond the 'Main' Tab that is 1st? That is the 'text' page where you set your dates. The various planner pages all have individual tabs.

Thank You

Finally, a planner that thinks like I do. I've been trying to make traditional planners work, but those made for career people and students don't work for tracking the everyday ins and outs of the Domestic Goddess (homeschooling, stay at home mother). This has everything I need and all on a two page spread that doesn't require flipping to multiple tabbed sections all day long. Absolutely Fabulous!

Thank you soooooo much!!!

I agree with the previous poster, a planner that thinks like I do! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a million, this is awesome!!!

Absolutely beautiful!

A lot of thought and work was put into this. It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this!

2 page monthly calendar available here?

We have always used the 'regular' 2 page monthly calendar from DIY but this looks GREAT. My only thought is, can this be made into 2 pages per month?

There were some messages about the doc when I first opened this. Will there be a problem?

Also, when I opened the excel doc, there are things written in the fields for monthly tasks etc. Do I need to change these before I print?

Thank you thank you thank you. This is great stuff!


You may customize any of the fields for your needs. I would highly advise changing any fields to what you want before printing. Just be caustious and understand that the dates and 'day' titles ect. are part of several formulas. Grid titles like Focus, remember, breakfast...ect are not.

No idea what messages you are getting. They are most likely related to the version of spreadsheet you have. ;)

I have no plans to make a 2 page per month calander as this does not fit with the rest of my design, but feel free to suppliment one if it suits you. ^^

chaos obliterated!

thank you SO MUCH for the perpetualness of the oasis!

Main Page

How do you change the year? The workbook is not letting me change the main year. Otherwise a great calendar. Thanks!

changing the dates

Did you ever figure out how the change the dates so they work? I couldn't get it to work on every page.

Love this and question about dates

Love the layout, so useful and attractive. I can't get the calendars to show up correctly. On the main page I picked 2011 for the year, Monday as the week start day, and July 4, 2011 for the start of my weekly pages to print. On the weekly pages July 4th shows up as a Monday, which it was. On the year and month pages however July 4th shows up on a Thursday, which it was not. Am I doing something wrong? I am using Excel 2007 if that makes a difference.

Does anyone use this system?

And if so, have you run into the problem above and found a fix.

I just looked with OpenOffice

and it is messed up the same way you describe.
I am guessing that the problem is on the "Year" tab
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

I think I found it !

The problem is in the "Years" tab
Start with the formula in cell B6

The piece that caught my eye was: WEEKDAY($Main.$B$1)
That is the desired start year, 2011 in this case, So that would be WEEKDAY(2011) which evaluates to 2 in OpenOffice.

I took a guess that bibliomane wanted the day of the week for the first day of the calendar year (January 1) and replaced WEEKDAY($Main.$B$1) with WEEKDAY(DATE($Main.$B$1;1;1))

I had to do the same change to cells B14, B22, and B30

This seems to have fixed the problem.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

you rock

What an awesome catch! I don't even know what those formulae mean so finding an error for me would have been impossible. I will make your changes and print away. Thanks.

Classic size for Chaos Oasis

Hi! I started using the Old Chaos spreadsheet in classic size this year, and I think it is great! I noticed that the letter size is a lot more sophisticated, I wonder if you plan on creating a classic size version of the Oasis spreadsheet that is the equal of the letter size one, in terms of what it can do? I realize size creates some limitations.

I find it very useful the way it is, so I guess I am greedy, hehehe.