Query on Circa leather foldover notebook

Just wanted to know can the discs in a Circa leather foldover notebook be swapped for bigger discs or are the thick leather covers difficult to get out of the discs that they are supplied with? Thanks

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It should work

Just be careful not to snap off the part of the cover that has to flex to get the disc on/off.
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I had no trouble

Mine is several years old, but the pictures look the same. That black strip on the binding edge is quite flexible, so it was easy to replace the rings. Of course, replacing rings after you've filled up binder and need more room is always a pain

thanks all...

thanks all...

Just be very careful

I think the newer foldovers are less flexible then the old. I found I had to be very, very careful not to snap or warp my tabs. I've changed out the discs in almost all of mine. I buy them cheap off of Levengers ebay outlet.


I ordered a saddle letter size leather foldover notebook over the weekend and plan to swap the 3/4" discs with 1.5" discs very very carefully once I get it. If the plastic snaps, I will send it back as I mentioned to Levenger while ordering. Thanks.