Target has some new things

The local Target store had some new index card holders in their office and stationary section. They had an index card wallet, a brown kraft accordian folder that was index card sized and also a set of index cards post bound in one corner with an elastic strap to keep them lined up. Rather inexpensive prices too! I bought several things to try out.

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I've got the post bound

I've got the post bound index cards. It's called a Index Wheel and it's by RealSimple (the magazine). I love it, as well as several of their other products. They've also got a card wheel that holds ID's, credit cards and other such things of that size. It rocks.

I modified my Index Wheel and Card Wheel by removing the post and replacing it with a binder ring. It allows me to get more index cards in there and gives me a bit more flexibility for organizing and flipping things around. The Index cards have colored edges, great for categorizing.

I also like the pad of notes which is a small notebook with five different kinds of sticky notes.

Post vs. Ring

I saw that same thing, and didn't like being stifled by that bitty post. Thanks for the idea of the binder ring, I should have known to think of that!