Levenger Ravello Circa Folio (Eggplant color) for sale

I have an Ravello Circa Folio in excellent, barely used condition that I do not need. I purchased this item and used it very lightly for a few days before realizing that it is just slightly too large for the notebook I carry daily (a 1/2" circa). The cover is in perfect condition with no signs of wear that I can see. This would be a great cover for someone that carries a 3/4" or 1" notebook more regularly.

Click Here for Product Info/Pictures at Levenger

If you are interested, I am hoping to sell this for around $100 (sells for $149 through levenger). I am selling the folio cover only, no notebook included.

Let me know if interested -- I will likely post this on ebay in a week or two if no responses!


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Just wanted to know if the

Just wanted to know if the folio would hold a letter size notebook..

If you look at the pictures...

...you will see 11 discs. That is Letter size paper. So the answer to your question is "Yes!"
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I assume you have already

I assume you have already sold this item at this point?