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Hi Everyone~ I am wondering if very many people using the GTD philosophy actually write down everything that comes to mind during the day. Sounds like a great idea but I wonder if people like this really exist. I do it to some extent, and it seems the more I do it, the more in control I feel. Thanks for any and all input.

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Yep, we exist...

I jot down about 85-90 percent of what I should, according to GTD guidelines. I have found that it does make a BIG difference. I always have something available to jot a note on, and I'm very good about transferring the info accordingly.

Thanks ree

You have inspired me to do a little better at this. Goodness knows I have plenty of 3x5s. Would you mind going into your transfer process a bit? I would like to see how you do that.

you're welcome!

Well, I pretty much shove every note (regardless of what it's written on) into my planner and pull all the work-related stuff before I leave the office for the day, and the home-related stuff when I get home. I try to use post-its or index cards that I've pre-punched to fit into my planner (a circa/rollabind hybrid) so the notes will stay on whatever the current date is, until I take them out and write them on whichever list they belong.

Sometimes, if it's an action reminder, I'll just stick it or pop in the note directly next to whatever page it applies to (I keep a main work circa notebook, and a few smaller sub-notebooks, in addition to my personal planner).

Hope this helps! And good luck.

OOH This is good stuff

HI Ree Thanks so much for your ideas. Totally different than my steno notebook which doesn't get checked on a regular basis. I am going to try these things you mentioned. I have a Classic FC planner (it's a dark red one which I really like) that zips so I may well use some or all of your ideas. I like that all goes in one place and gathering it doesn't appear to require "neatness". I have also been checking and planning pretty much only once a week. Now.....off to my laboratory !!!Thanks again.