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I was looking for a way to track my time, only by putting x's and made this template.

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On top you note down the tasks or projects you are working on, and you only have to put a x every quarter under the task.

I added the excel sheet also, so you can modify it to suit your needs.

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Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Excel
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I have used a modified

I have used a modified version of this in the past.

I divide the matrix into 2 vertical sections. On one section I break the verticals into activities such as phone calls, email, reading, meetings, research etc. The other section I break down into job functions or projects or other areas of responsibility.

I then record the time period against the activity and the area(s) of responsibility.

The log then shows that you were doing say email for Projects A and B, in a meeting for training etc. That way you get a 'how' and 'what' breakdown of your time. Very useful then for identifying those activities that consume more time than you think they do.

I have also found it handy if one of your activities is say 'goofing off' and you have an area of responsibility called 'personal' or similar. Be honest with yourself when you fill it in and you may find why that project is behind schedule. Just don't show the boss.