Waiting for my first circa

My first post on this site comes after a long time (member for almost an year now). I have been actively reading all the topics on this site and it's a wonderful group.

After lusting for almost 6 months I finally ordered my first set of circa products

1) Desk punch
2) Junior leather foldover notebook (red color on sale now for $50)
3) Translucent circa PDA
4) Sample kit for $14 (comes with a set of white plastic tabs that I will transfer to my leather foldover)
5) 22 1 inch black discs (planning to upgrade my leather foldover to 1"inch discs)

All at an additional discounted price of 15%. I live in Hong Kong and the shipping to non US countries literally cost a fortune. One of my friend is traveling next month from US to Hong Kong so I ordered the shipment to his address and he was happy to carry them for me :)

I'm just a bit worried now that the red color may be too bright for the foldover notebook that I'm planning to use as a daily planner at work. The last thing I need is funny looks from my colleagues who would already be freaked out by the discs and the tab setup. So far I used a 6 ring planner but somehow didn't like the bigger size of the rings and the notebook takes more space during meetings that we usually have on small round tables over a cup of coffee.

I can't find letter size papers at stationery stores in Hong Kong, so will have to see if I can use A4 sheets to make junior size pages, probably have to trim the edge of A4 sheets at the bottom before cutting them into half (but the pages may be a bit shorter than the junior size because letter size is wider than A4, has anyone experienced this before?). Will this fit into the junior notebook? It may not align with the other pages and tabs I believe, not sure if this would be an inconvenience

I'm also looking forward to buy heavy paper, 100 gsm or more, so that my waterman doesn't leak through the other side.

Its already more than a week since I ordered and can't wait to see my new setup. BTW, the customer service was very good and I placed the order over the phone and she took my order over phone and answered my questions for almost 20 mins, very well appreciated. She also threw in a leather passport holder as a free gift.

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welcome to the Circa side

Sounds like you have purchased a good sampling of products to get you started with Circa. If you are going to cut your own pages, you may also want to consider getting a paper cutter. I got one because I mostly use Junior size and just being able to slice a few pages of letter size in half is quite handy.

I don't know what office supply stores are like over there, but over here in the states Staples, Office Max, and other large stores carry some nice heavyweight printer paper that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of the Circa paper. You just need to have the desk punch and preferably a way to get the paper cut down to the size you want.

On the color of the Circa notebooks: I don't think the red is so bright. From the pictures on the site, it is very professional looking.

Post a followup whenever you get a chance to try things out.


Paper cutter

I already own a paper cutter. Got it from the office supplies store nearby. My problem would be to find letter size papers. I have to mange with A4 size and trim down but I'm afraid it wouldn't align with the tabs and cover, maybe a tad smaller.

It's good to know that the red color is professional looking. Thanks for your advice.

One hint....

that you might find useful is:
If the large 1" black discs bother you, you might tried them in clear plastic. They are available on ebay for 4.69 for 22. I found that the black 1" discs were just too big-looking. The clear ones just seem to fade into the background. But, maybe that is just me. It took me awhile to get use to circa, but now, I don't think I could go back. If you have a punch, you are good to go. I have found that most any paper works with circa, even 20pd. paper. Have fun!

Fitting A4 paper shouldn't

Fitting A4 paper shouldn't be too difficult. The junior size Circa's have covers that are about 1/4" wider than the paper. Height, however, matches exactly.

I cut a sheet of Whitelines (A4) paper in half to see how it fits. Check out pics 1, 2 and 3.

If you use the punch at the 'Junior' setting, the 1/2 sheet of A4 will be lopsided. You can a adjust the placement of the paper in the punch so that it will be centered in the notebook. Picture 2 is of the top right corner and pic 3 is of the lower right corner. Hopefully they give you an idea of what I mean by lopsided.

A4 size is not the same as letter size

Letter size is wider than A4. so when I cut A4 into half it would be lengthwise shorter than the junior which is half of letter size. My junior foldover notebook cover and junior divider sheets would be longer than the A5 sheet (which is half of A4). This means the cover, plastic dividers and my A5 paper won't align.

The pictures are of a sheet

The pictures are of a sheet of A4 paper cut in half. They are on top of a standard junior page for reference. A 1/2 sheet of A4 isn't as long, but it can be 'centered' on the rings if you don't use the guide on the punch. The width is a bit of a problem (see pic 2)and if you use dividers it will stick out past them, but not the covers. Sorry for the confusion, the pictures aren't that good.

Half an A4 is an A5


I agree that it would be nice for the US to go to the ISO 216 A series like much of the rest of the world.

But I am not holding my breath :8 <-- puffed cheek emoticon
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Btw thanks for the pictures and advice.

red cover

I use different bright colored covers to easily differentiate among several notebooks on different topics. No one has ever said a thing.