For people owning disks Circa/Rolla/Myndology/craft store finds

Which ones are the smoothest?

Is there a real difference between price and quality?

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Which ones are the

Which ones are the smoothest?

Smoothest turning pages? Depends on the disc material, whether the pages are pre-punched or self-punched and quality of paper.

Is there a real difference between price and quality?

Of course. Though Myndology has excellent quality for a low price. Levenger is both high price and high quality. I actually use both Myndology and Levenger.

I think this has all been well covered before, you may want to give that search box on this web site a try.


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In another thread, it was mentioned that smoothness of disks is


So far it looks to me that users of Circa and Myndology are happy with the smoothness of their disks.

What about users of other brands Rolla and the ones found at craft stores which still might be Rolla.

Not meaning to be annoying, just wanting to know and I did read the other threads.

Mould marks


Some discs have mould marks from how they were made. A nail file takes care of those quickly and easily.

I have a batch of rolla and another batch of Lev, the Levenger discs seemed to have less issue with mould marks out of the box. But all of my Rolla are just fine, I keep a nail file in my pocket on general principles and had no trouble getting rid of any roughness I found.

It only matters for the larger books anyway. Small notebooks aren't troubled by the small roughnesses on my discs.

And I expect if you get the newer Lev punch, the marks will be even less of an issue.