2007 Dated Weekly View Planner in MS Word

2007 Planner, A5, with one week per page, Monday start, in MS Word. The days of the week are in one column and there are no markings for times. It's very basic--not nicely formatted like the D*I*Y calendars and templates.

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This will give you one week to a page with the weekly view on the left and a Notes page on the right for voice mail, etc. It prints in landscape on 8.5x11 paper, so two weeks print on one sheet of paper. Then flip the paper and print the Notes pages on the back of the dated pages. Then cut the pages apart down the middle. The Notes pages are very faintly lined so you can pretty much disregard the lines or use them, as desired--or edit them. After it's printed, I put the pages in order, insert extras, then off to Staples to get them spiral bound. I put in the contact page as the first page and they give me a transparent cover, so the contact page shows through. But am thinking of getting the contact page laminated so it will hold up to wear better--my plastic cover is starting to worry me, and I think that two layers of plastic would last better. On the other hand, I want to keep the weight and thickness to the minimum.

The margins are as narrow as I could get them so there would be plenty of space for writing. But since there's not too much space in the daily blocks, I just write appointments there, and use the Notes pages for anything more detailed. If you want to use them in a 3-ring binder you could. After each month I put an envelope or pocket page and/or a photograph page--also making sure there's a Notes page facing each calendar page, by inserting an extra Notes page.
And other pages from the D*I*Y templates can be printed and also included.

I used WordArt to plug in the word "Holiday" in the space for the days where I'm planning not to work, so I won't make any appointments for those days. You can just click on the word "Holiday" if you want to delete it. Also, I've included the US holidays--you can delete them if you want. And Daylight Savings Time and some religious holidays and the dates of the solstices and equinoxes.

If you don't need the Notes pages for the extra writing space, you could omit them, but then you would have to re-arrange the calendar pages so they would print in the right order. As it is, it worked out great for me, and I like not having to worry about getting the pages in order until after they are printed, because I stick in the pocket pages, envelopes, and photos, some of the D*I*Y templates, etc.

When I print, I always get the error message that the margins are set outside the printable area, but I have it go on to print and it comes out fine.

060525: Added Letter-size file

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Microsoft Word
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Top and bottom margins are set to .16 and the sides to .5


Does this calendar come in a full letter page format?

Am submitting a letter-size

Am submitting a letter-size file today.

Also, the last calendar page has two Saturdays--corrected in the letter-size and will submit a corrected A5 size also.