24/7 Work-Life Planner Hipster Version

This is a template for the 24/7 Work-Life Planner in index card size. I have posted a similar template in Classic Size but shrunk this one so that it fits on two cards (1 card per day printing both sides). I've left a 3/8"+ margin for punches. (I use Circa). The margins are set on the bottom for the top half and the top for the bottom half.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

This template is 3-up and is designed for printing on a template package like Avery 5388 or you can print them on regular paper and cut them to size. 1.75 inches off the left and right margin and and inch off the top and bottom. From there, you can cut them in 3 inch lengths. Be sure to print both sides!

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Adobe Reader or similar PDF reader
Circa Hipster 24-7.pdf12.55 KB
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Template for Hipster

Hope this template works for those of you who've asked for a Hipster size. I punch these and bind them with Rollabind's smallest disc and it fits great in my zipper folio I use (modified Barnes and Noble Calendar with the metal binding rod removed!). I can put that and my GTD +R notepad and pocket in the folio and have my entire system with me in a case that fits in my glovebox!


This is great. It will work the way I use 3x5 as well, I paste them in a bound book (the size and style very).