Circa Deluxe Binders Letter size notebooks

I'm a recent convert to Levenger's Circa technology (licensed from Rollabind?) but am getting really annoyed by their discontinuing of products that I've just discovered!

I guess I should have learned the first time: when an item is hugely discounted that doesn't mean sale it means already discontinued. :-( But why they won't discontinue the embarrassingly low quality "Shades for Circa" is beyond me.

Anyway, I guess the lesson is: buy the discs, buy the set of color covers, buy the paper, and assemble myself.

But I want the deluxe binders with the wrap-around covers and the lovely elastic band: not to carry around but for storage of tax papers, medical EOBs, financial papers that aren't yet digitized using NeatReceipts: I've got the 5 pound overpriced desk punch and love it. And by storage I mean: using the deluxe notebooks as mini-binders to be put on a bookshelf.

Anyhoo, I'm hoping the levenger_outlet will have some soon and a friend I made on ebay is currently selling 2 of the Junior size in case people are looking for that size(not my thing: I like letter as I said).

Any other sources for them, anybody?



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How about a hanging folder ?
The comment that starts "Been there, done that, found better"

And look at Rollafool's comment, just below mine.
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I subscribed to your blog when is the next post