Childrens' day planner


Thought this group would be interested in the day planner I made for my five-year-olds. So far it's a huge success. Photo posted on Flickr.



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I love it. I tried getting my son interested in a more traditional notebook planner, but that was a bit of a no go. I never thought of using cards.

Fabulous Idea!

Does it work for "honey-do" lists also. :)

I can see it now...

Decorating project.

Fetch hammer picture card
Hanging nails picture card
Level and marking process picture card
Hold art to place perfectly picture card.

Watching Game with snacks picture card

Taking the dog to the groomer project.

Take the dog, leash and grooming instructions picture card.
Set GPS picture card.
Call when the dog is settled at the groomer table picture card.
Read email or text message to the groomer picture card

:) Fun, eh?



I think if I did that for honey do lists my husband would quit doing my honey dos. :) He doesn't take well to micromanagement. And honestly he doesn't really need it. The thing is to get the honey do on HIS list, and then it gets done.

But I do anticipate making more chore cards for the bundle as the kids get bigger and are capable of more than just tidying up. And also adding more recreational activities like biking with Daddy and the like.


what a fantastic idea... I

what a fantastic idea... I can why they would respond to a system like this!

Of course I was just kidding about that.

Except maybe romantic instruction cards on Valentine's day or anniversary day or whenever ;)

Just kidding again and no offense intended.

More cards for more activities, just a genius idea.

You might want to think about marketing it. Who knows?