Circa Tragedy # 2

This morning on my way downtown I guess my Circa junior must have detached from its cover - which was all there was left in the front pocket of my bag. Most of the sheets are custom and homemade so i will print out another stack - but I need tabs and discs which i just purchased and lost in that book. I will see if its dropped in the snow somewhere today or shows up in the lost and found - if yinz have some plastic tab dividers that you would ship or sell cheaply let me know.

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Working on the hunch that

Working on the hunch that you're in Pittsburgh, I'll reach out and offer some help. I don't know if I can spare my Circa bits permanently, but I can probably loan you some discs and maybe some covers while you replace stuff. I also have access to a laser cutter and a desk punch, so if you have raw materials, I can make it Circa-fied.

I think I have some extra

I think I have some extra rolla dividers hanging around somewhere. I don't think I can spare enough discs, though. I will look tonight and send you a message when I know what I have. :^) Being a circa tragedy victim myself, I completely understand your plight.

crafty fix

If you have a scrapbooking store anywhere nearby they may have rolla brand discs you can use. I have lots of different colors that I got from a craft store. Mine are all fairly small and they cost a lot less than Circa brand - I got them for things like my daughter's chemistry study cards, quick photo album gifts, etc. Because we have many colors my daughter disc bound study cards color coded to match the binder for each subject. It makes it handy and easy to pull the right notes for a class.

Which craft store ?

All I have available is AC Moore and Michael's
Same basic stock in each, a lot of everything except what I seem to be looking for.
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not a chaingstore

I found mine at an independent scrapbooking store in Richmond, VA, not a chain craft store. I don't remember the complete name, "Memories" something. I was there on a business trip, saw the sign, and stopped in to see what they had. It was well over a year ago (maybe a year and a half) so I don't know if they still carry discs. They carry a variety of odd things. AC Moore use to carry rolla discs but stopped a few years ago. The independent specialty stores have a narrower yet deeper selection of product than the large "sell a little bit of everything to everyone" stores and you can find cool stuff at odd little shops while you support your local small businessperson.

Found those just by googling

Found those just by googling scrapbook store near Philadelphia, PA

Paper Preserve - (215) 844-2490 - More

Scrapbook Films - (215) 764-6407 - More

Bead Garden The - (610) 449-2699 - 1 review

Happy Scrapper - (856) 786-1117 - 1 review

Scrapbooks N Smiles LLC - (610) 277-7707 - 5 reviews

Rosemary Healy - (610) 668-1085 - More

Traditions Unfolded - (484) 480-4355 - More

So glad to hear back! Thanks

So glad to hear back! Thanks all - I found some old covers and small clear discs that I am using for now. The laser cutter would be a big help after I print up a stack of pages - I will have to be conservative with how much stuff I keep in there. The dividers would also be great when you find them - for now I bought a package of transclucent letter tab dividers from staples for a buck - and will butcher them to fit mine in the meantime. Please do email me when yinz get a chance.