looking for a chunky pen

I love my Parker IM- it's a hefty, fat pen that fits my hand perfectly (fingers relatively short compared to large-ish palm)- thin pens give me cramps from hanging onto them.

But I dropped it once too many times on the marble floor and it broke. I had it repaired, but it doesn't feel quite the same anymore. I might get a new one... but I want to look into other models too.

Anyone know any good, hefty pens? I want one with a thick barrel. Size isn't much of a problem- I'm a big person and big pens fit right in my big pockets :)

The brands I have access to locally are Cross, Waterman, Rotring, Parker and Faber-Castell.

Thanks all!

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How chunky is chunky?

Michael's Fat Boy pens are available in a variety of places... but they're pretty pricey.

You might have good luck with some of the Cross metal-bodied pens, or maybe something like the Faber-Castell E-Motion pens.

I usually use relatively light fountain pens, so I'm not really up to date with heavier pens. Solid brass construction of some sort would be a good start.

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personal favorite

Although not on your list, I've always liked the Dr Grip model from Pilot: chunky and inexpensive.


looking for a chunky pen

I saw your post. I have a Rotring Core fountain pen (Med. Pt.) and the mechanical pencil that goes with it. The Core are all function and a form that does grow on you.

The extra set I have is dark, which means it gets lost in my music bag or violin case and is not much use for being invisible. I got another set in a lighter color and I must say I've never had a pen and pencil that are so reliable. I am interested in selling my very slightly used set at a bit less than my cost. These were also recently discontinued by Rotring for some incomprehensible reason. They are really super.

They are chunky with ergonomic grips. I too am a devotee of the "decent sized" (read: chunky to others) writing instrument as the thin ones are merely like writing with twigs that don't have the decency to avoid causing cramp.

If you'd like, let me know and we can set up a way to communicate off public board.

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Hi Elizabeth, welcome to D*I*Y.

Just a thought here, you may like to advertise you spare Core in The Bazaar. :)

Welcome message

Thanks for the reply, especially the welcome part. Two days ago, I would have surely done that, but then some ink arrived. Now I'm "firmly wavering" between a sale and not.

You see, I've developed an ink addiction. No, I'm not drinking the stuff, but the colours are what get me going. Sooo, long story short, if Eilu, who originally posted about wanting a fatter pen, doesn't say "hey, I want that", I'm very likely to keep it. Rotring Core is a really smooth writer, and it is so darned ugly it's cute.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for the punch that will allow me to make effective ammendments to my ancient Filofax, rather than depending on their papers and a bunch of sticky notes. Why, if it works, I could save hours, after I recoup the hours spent wrangling with the documents, computer hiccups and a tendency of my ISP to wave good-bye before they wave me onto the site I'm seeking.

Thanks again, and it's good to be among those that have finally figured out that "one size fits all" doesn't. And the same folks that have done something effective about it. And I will definitely check out the bazaar.

Thanks again for the welcome.




Hi Eilu,

Cross doesn't have many "fat" pens, most of theirs are thin, although the Ion has a good girth. Waterman maybe, Rotring probably not, Parker has a few, and I dunno about Faber Castell. Might I suggest looking for Sheaffers? Their Legacy and Legacy Heritage lines are fairly hefty, wide pens. The Legacy fountain pen I have is the biggest, heaviest pen I have. Sheaffer also made some No-Nonsense pens in the past which were pretty wide, but also light. The Waterman Phileas has some decent size and heft, but is relatively inexpensive.

Hmm... I just looked at a picture of the Parker IM and it looks rather slim to me, though not as thin as a Cross Classic. I don't know if the Parker Frontier is available where you are, but the all stainless Flighter version might suit you well.

Anyway, good luck,


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Fat Cross Pen

Nevertheless, Cross has a few fat pens, and, in fact if you look at their web site now, there's one there prominently (autocross). In addition the usual office supply stores (Staples) had short stubby fat cross pens on display in a large variety of nicely colored barrels for a fair price. However, they're ball points, and cross ball points hardly make it to the quality level of a cheap bic pen, in my experience, despite the beauty of their barrels (e.g. buy a Pilot 'better retractable' pen, fine, and you'll get just about the best ball point you'll find for cheap).

An Accidental Chunkier Barrel Discovery That May Help

Regarding your search for a chunkier barrel pen, I ordered a few fountain pens general non-specific gifts. They allow me to tick off the "get the 'one size fits M/F, Sm-X.Lge, Christmas, Holiday, Birthday, Mother's/Father's Day, whatever', list so early that people envy me come the week before Christmas.

I ordered my Duke Carbon Fiber pen from I Sell Pens (at: http://www.isellpens.com/duke.htm) This is a store that is well respected on The Fountain Pen Network: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php?act=idx

You can find reviews on all sorts of fountain pens there, and the Duke line has received very good reviews. Also, the purchases I've made from ISellPens have been handled very professionally and their customer service is top notch. They really stand behind their products.

One pen I ordered and really liked immensely is the Duke Carbon Fiber Pen, at $14.99 from ISellPens (http://www.isellpens.com/duke.htm). It is described by Todd (at ISellPens) as featuring "a [D]uke engraved steel nib that's stamped with the crown and reads Duke Germany. I would consider this a medium point. This comes with a full sized converter and can use International ink cartridges. It measures 5 1/4" capped and 6 1/4" posted. This comes with a Duke gift box."

BTW, the gift box is lovely, but who buys these things for the box, right? More importantly, it is a super fountain pen for very little money. At least not much money in the grand scheme of what fountain pens go for these days.

The steel nib writes consistently and without any problems at all. The ink flow is very good, and the nib gives a great result on any type of paper with any ink, according the Fountain Pen Network reviews and my experience with the Duke pens I own. The Carbon Fiber I have has only been used very little by me and I'm very happy with it. I'll do a review at FPN when I've used it a few more days.

I hope this information helps you in your quest to find a pen that is substantial, works like a dream and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Or even just an arm.

The section (where you grip the pen) is larger than most, and I'd have to say the Duke Carbon Fiber section is comparable to the Rotring Core Lysium (or Technor). I own all three pens and the Duke is as good as the Rotring. The Duke Carbon Fiber is a solid pen and well priced. It's much better than most Chinese made pens. Mine is red, but they also offer other colors.

Finally, a correction is in order. The Rotring Core I wrote of earlier is marked an XL on the nib, which should yield a pretty broad stroke. It isn't even close to what a really broad nib is in writing, but more of a true medium when in use. Thus, I gave you my designation of it as a Med. I only calls 'em like I sees 'em.

The Rotring Technors are on sale as the line has been discontinued. A good source for these pens is Made2Shop. They offer free shipping on all purchases (think money and time savings) I got both of my Rotrings from them [http://www.made2shop.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=Rotring+Core&osCsid=6af5d44de2cbe226ee6f872b13db22da&x=11&y=6].

Enough of shameless product promotion from me. Good luck in your search. I'm also withdrawing my offer to sell my Rotring Technor. I put colourful ink in it, it writes like a dream and frankly I can't go a day without using it for some part of some project or other. At least Made2Shop won't charge postage for US deliveries, so you're ahead on that front.

Pen Review?

Quote: "I'm very happy with it. I'll do a review at FPN when I've used it a few more days."

Hi Elizabeth, Why not contact Doug or innowen; we like pen reviews too. :)