PBS 2000/3000 User Guide

One of our folks kindly scanned it for me, and I ran it through a PDF Optimizer to make the files smaller

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PBS2000 COVER SET.pdf372.22 KB
PBS2000 MANUAL FRENCH.pdf413.15 KB
PBS2000 MANUAL GERMAN.pdf435.35 KB
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Now I just need to find one at a very reasonable price. Nothing on ebay but I keep trying and hoping.

The alignment control is a little iffy.

The dial setting doesn't get me spot on with the end punches evenly spaced at both ends of the page. So I punched a piece of sign vinyl (you could use any peel and stick material like contact paper shelf liner for instance) and applied to the infeed table so the punchouts line up with the punches - I can put my paper down - line up with the margins evenly and dial the stop against the edge of the sheet -makes it easier to get them where I want them.

Good luck getting a PBS2000. I have seen several - and even saw a PBS3000 (the electric model)

I got mine in September 2009 after missing some that went cheaper and some that went way too high - I got a fair deal I think - seller wound up giving me a second one at a reduced price and shipped them both free.


Rollabind heavy-duty binding machine

I saw one on eBay about two weeks ago. No one bought it, likely because it was a salvage company clean-up of a nearly emptied office. It was about $600.


Way too 'spensive

I got mine for about $100
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