Sticky notes/pen for your wallet

I don't think this has been mentioned yet: The picopad is a little plastic case that hold around a dozen sticky notes and a thin pen. The case is supposed to fit into your wallet. See:

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slight correction

Just wanted to make a quick correction- the PicoPad cover is made of Italian Stationery (paper); it holds 15 sticky notes and a tiny but functional pen. Check out the video demo at

Poor Man's Pico...

I really like this Susan, however the international shipping fee is ludicrously expensive, so I made my own... :D

Lol, Actually I stuffed some small 'post-it like' sticky notes and a Lamy M21 refill in my wallet. For those without a reputation to mantain the Parker Vector 3 in 1 refills are even cheaper. At some point I may even make a tweed folder to keep them all in. How posh is that!