Dynamic Templates forum?

Dynamic Templates merits its own forum doesn't it? There is one long thread in a separate area that probably should have been partitioned before it got too cumbersome. ?

I like the classic size, 1-day page, lined, but I would like to add thumbnail months at the top, like the "Dayminder" schedules (and several other vendors). The template with thumbnail months is split down the middle and not much like the classic product I want to model. Thanks for any info on this possibility.

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You are probably thinking

You are probably thinking about other forums that show discussions in a different format, where seeing separate subforums is much easier to look at, and where long discussions are broken by page.

I would vote for such a change, but I can see how that could be a huge project, moving the entire site to a different format. Probably the hassle might outweigh the perceived benefit, at least for those running the site.

Separate forum unnecessary IMHO

I would say that this is the appropriate forum to make your request. I agree that the thread is way long. I am considering options on that.

As to your request, I will put it on my "To Do" List
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