Business card 6 mo. calendar

I have found a Franklyn Covey card holder that is essentially the Levenger International (but for $14.95 at Office Depot). It has card slots on the left side including a clear window for the bottom slot. I thought it would be cool to have a 6 month calendar in there. I was hoping when the latest hPDA version was released it would have the calendar in such a way that I could jut print it and cut one to a business card size (portrait). No such luck.

So if anyone has the OpenOffice documents for the calendar pages and is willing to share I'll be glad to put one together and post it into the templates directory.


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Six months on a business card?

Is that possible? You might try modifying the business card template at the following link. The template is a Word doc that prints onto an Avery sheet of business cards.

I think the guy at the site is developing more templates, too. It seems like a good idea, but I'm beginning to wornder what would be the next step in miniaturization--the postage stamp PDA?

Six months on a business card

And by this, I'm assuming that you just want the dates in a nice little table, as opposed to having a lot of writing space. ;-)

Grab the graphics version of the hPDA v3 set and call up the 2006 yearly in a graphics application like Photoshop, The Gimp, or Paintshop Pro. Crop tightly to the first six months and save as 2006a. Reload the original graphic and crop to the second half of the year, and save as 2006b. Now, call up any app that has business card templates (e.g., Word,, etc.) and lay in the 2006a graphics. Print. Flip paper. Lay out the cards again with 2006b. Print. Done.

You should now have a set of business cards with six months on either side. Barring that, visit your local bank... they probably give those things away.

Hope this helps!


That is exactly what I did,

That is exactly what I did, and for myself this works fine. What I was hoping for was creating a more general file with a couple of different options that would be useful for other people. If someone can point me at the OpenOffice documents used to create the calendar pages for the final pdfs then I hope to be able to create something of a quality worth donating back to the site.

Also I found that I could fit 8 months on a business card size sheet and it looked ok but for my card holder the "window" was a bit smaller than the margins I had to leave to fit 8 up. So what I did was make the current month really big and have 4 months below it smaller. It looks really cool and I think I can setup a file that would print on an Avery business card perforated sheet with each month large and the next 4 small. Each month you could just separate the next card and slide it into the business card holder of your choice.

Hopefully I can get at these files and do something nice with them.


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