Diabetes Meal Log

This is my first usable attempt at a Meal Log for Diabetics. Please let me know what you think, and any changes that may be helpful.

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Use this to track your meals, and snacks. for tracking Diabetes

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Your Meal Log for diabetics

Did you mean the fist line to say "Calories" instead of Carbs? I'm suspecting that maybe you did, since Carbs and Starches (2nd line) are synonymous. I noticed that the Carbs line is missing altogether on the weekly summary portion of the sheet. Otherwise, good work! Let me know whether you are going to fix this, after which I can start using the sheet. THANKS for your effort!


I know this was posted a year ago, but I just discovered this site and was taking a look around.

I thought it would be worth clarifying one point: Carbs and starches are not actually synonymous. Both starch and sugar are kinds of carbohydrates. For any diabetics reading this, it's important to understand the distinction.

Starches are more complex and take longer to digest/break down. Sugars are relatively simple and break down quickly. This means that eating sugar is going to raise your blood sugar more quickly than eating starch, perhaps causing it to spike -- go up a lot quickly, then drop quickly. Because complex carbs (starches) break down more slowly, there's less of a chance of a spike in blood sugar, and the affect on your blood sugar will be more sustained.

So, if your blood sugar is too low and you want to raise it quickly, best to eat a form of sugar (OJ, glucose tablets, candy, etc.). But if your blood sugar is at a normal level and you want something that will sustain you over a few hours or overnight, go for starches (pasta, bread, etc.).

*** Of course, these are broad statements and YMMV, so best to check with your doctor or whomever about your specific situation. ***

Hope this helps anyone who may be unfamiliar with this stuff. (And I hope no one minds my going way off topic . . . !)