Teacher's Lesson Planner

A Lesson Planner for teachers (3x5).

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Index Card (3 x 5)
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I've found this very handy for planning lessons on the go. I can jot down my objectives, make a few notes, briefly outline my lesson's structure, and list the things I'll need to make it all happen. Plus there's that handy box in the corner for the date or a tiny doodle.

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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)
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Feedback would be appreciated

This is my first template, and it was a bit tricky to line up the widgets. Any feedback on this template would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Hadrada1066. Bravo on

Hi Hadrada1066. Bravo on completing your first template.

Most programs have an alignment tool; it's a lot of extra work, but using such a tool is the easiest way to line up widgets. Grouping widgets together before aligning groups also helps.

I notice the first ruled section (titled Objectives/Goals) seems a bit low, and 'materials needed' and 'goods' are too cramed together, but other than that - it looks OK on screen.

I've never yet made a template that looked good on the first attempt. :) What tool did you use to make this one? Do you like the Blue Highway font, or do you prefer others?


Very useful

So useful, in fact, that I would love to see this in a 4-up version so I could print off multiples more easily. Thanks for your work on this!

second the motion - 4up

Great template! I'd also love to see it in a 4up version; my printer can't handle 3 x 5 cards, and I would definitely use this for planning workshops.


Would it be possible for you to post or to email the OO version of this so I could amend it for my Guiding commitments - it would be great if I could plan my Brownie meetings on it!