Feedback Request: DiyP3 hPDA Folding Cover

hPDA3 Cover PrototypeThank you for all the great feedback regarding cover designs (both online and off). I was able to take a number of the suggestions, combine them with what I already had, and come up with a prototype folding pattern. I'd ask anyone who has an interest in such things to download the PDF template below and give it a whirl.

This new design has an optional folding half-pocket (see top left), which could be cut half-height or half-width, depending on your taste. The top black flap is meant to be folded over and glued or taped to keep the pocket in place.

The long grey strip at right is an optional extension for those people using the forthcoming tabbed cards, so the tabs are somewhat protected in a pocket or bag. Obviously, this strip can be cut off, as well as the folding pocket, if they don't suit your personal style or usage.

Please read on, for some printing notes and the download.

A few notes regarding printing:

  • This design barely fits on a letter-size page. Unless your printer has full bleed, you may experience a little cut-off at the edges, but nothing that some educated guess-work and measuring can't fix while cutting. (Hint: use an index card as a guide.)
  • You may also tell it to print on a larger sheet of paper, such as legal or A4. In that case, set your paper size appropriately and tell Acrobat to center but not scale the design.

Please leave any feedback, problems or suggestions by adding a comment to this post. That way, I'll be sure to see it.

Good luck with the cover, and thanks in advance!

Download: hpda3_cover_060418.pdf

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I was thinking more about a slanted top for the half-pocket, but then I guess I can always cut it that way myself. I like this template idea, you can pick the features you like and cut off the ones you don't.

How's about adding the half-pocket option to the back cover as well, so you can either have it in front, at the back or both?

Monkeys face front

I picture the monkeys (or whatever graphic is chosen) as the front, and the title/owner card at the back, and thus the back takes the envelope fold. The reason why is that I figure people know their own names, and would rather see a graphic when they haul out a deck. That being said, using the OOo template, one can choose whatever he or she wants for any face.

As for the pocket, I think you're entirely correct: there's no reason why one can't --for example-- cut a slash pocket instead.


I really like the overall

I really like the overall design, my only qualm is the thickness of the card fold. 1cm seems a little thick, I think a decent deck is between 50mm - 70mm. Having the whole thing fit on a letter page was a neat trick too.

Cover Comments

I don't know if this is intentional in the design: the long grey strip creates a nice groove to hold my pencil. The pocket design works quite well: business cards won't fall out. My one (very minor) quibble is also regarding the card fold: I use a stack that is around 7mm (or 5/16") thick. But I can always modify the cover on my own.

Nice work!

Grey groove and pen(cil) holder

I hadn't actually thought of that, but it does make sense, especially if one uses a cross-wise elastic of some type to hold it all in place. Hmmm. Perhaps two small slits in the back to hold an elastic hairband....

Great idea, thanks!

As for the thickness of the mid-section, the bottom line (representing the front top edge) will only be demarcated outside the cut, in the final version, so you should be able to use whatever thickness seems appropriate.