GTD-based 8.5 X 11 MSWord Templates

Actions - Phone
Actions - Computer
Actions - Work
Waiting For
Communication Planner
Ideas (graph paper)
Week Tracker (Mail Merge Document. I've included the date.xls file for it)

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I work in a 8.5 X 11 world, and while resizing the "classic" sized templates here is easy, I get left with way too much margin room. Tired of this, I created the attached files.

The Week Tracker is a Mail Merge document. Use the included "date.xls" file as the data source, and print out any week that you want.

I've left it in MSWord format because of the Mail Merge, and also because I don't want anyone to be stopped from doing all the customization they want.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
Microsoft Word (unsure of the version needed. I used 2003)
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8.5x11 word templates

Many Many Thanks to you. This was a blessing for me to find. I'm in a 8.5x11 world also. It is very difficult to find the right planner & calendar that works for me. I struggle between preprinted and computer program calendars. None seem to do it all just right. Yours did that and can be customized.

Many thanks and appreciation.


Be sure to have the Blue Highway font installed.

The formatting is all borked if you don't have the font installed. Thank you for this great template, I run my weekly planning with it and it sets up my routine.