The Sweetheart Calendar

My sweetheart wanted something, where a pencil can easily be stored, one week is at a glance and there is enough space for noting appointments and tasks.
We did a thoroughly search of commercial available products. Some came very close, but either the layout was not well or the binding did not work.

One week at a glance with sufficient writing space can be produced with the latest version of dynamic templates (the molescine-style notebook/one week on two pages), but there as in nearly all available designs we found, space for the weekends is smaller than for the other days. When a calendar is about to accumulate private appointments, space at the weekends is a "must have".
On the other side it should be a binding system, where the calendar remains open for writing with one hand. A wire binding is perfect for this purpose.
And a wire binding offers a good place for storing a pencil. Therefore disc binding got out of the contest, although such a system is avalable in germany at manufactum.

So I switched on OpenOffice and made an A5-design with one week on the left side. Every day has the same space. Weeknumbers are included. At the bottom of the page is a three-monthly banner. The right page consists of a lined page in a college-style. These pages have a patch for the respective month at the side.
I printed everything doublesided with my ink-printer on 90 g/m² A4 paper. Setting the margins right was done in OpenOffice and then output was made as pdf. Those pdf then were sent to printer from acrobat. This way gave most control about the result.
The front-cover was printed on 210 g/m² photo-glossy paper. The inside of the cover is a GTD-reference sheet printed on 90 g/m² premium paper. Both sheets were glued together and then laminated. The result was compelling. The back-cover is made accordingly with a different picture outside and a reference-sheet for natural planning inside.
As my sweetheart also wanted a save store for business cards, I added a pouch derived from a transparent envelope.

The overall setup is as follows:

  • Front-cover with GTD-reference
  • Personal information sheet
  • Calendar section with one week on two pages
  • January and february 2011 on one page each
  • 2011 on two pages as academic calendar from dynamic templates
  • german holidays table
  • 2010 on one page (had to be added lader on special request...)
  • Section of pages for notes, adresses, etc.
  • Transparent pouch
  • Back-cover with natural planning reference

Finally I took the stack of paper to a local copy shop for cutting and wire binding. The result of all the effort was reasonable in material means and unpayable for a happy sweetheart!! Have a look at it here.

Page_s.JPG29.9 KB
Kalender2010leer.ods98.28 KB
Wochenplanblatt.ods9.15 KB
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nothing is better than a

nothing is better than a "made-for-me" planner! this is great!

would love to hear if there are any changes planned for next year after some months of use.

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My thoughts on planner pages

My thoughts on planner pages - exactly -

your Planner looks really good.... would you share the template?

I have been trying to come up with something similar as he widget kid doesn`t seem to fit to my type of planning, but my open office skills seem to lack in this direction considerably.

I'm using the roterfaden Taschenbegleiter with a Moleskine calendar inlay, but it seems a bit thick for me and I hope o find something in Moleskine Layout, just a little less pages.

Your Calendar seems to do the Trick.

Thanks !

ods-files added

OK here we go. I added the templates. You have to play a bit with the margins to fit best for your printer. The calendar page is a left page and the planning pages are right ones.

Have fun!


Danke, das spart mir (hoffentlich) viel Arbeit.