Cost of cutting and punching ream of paper? $2.40.

I procrastinated starting a planner because I didn't want to deal with chopping the pages, finding the right size hole puncher, etc. etc. Finally, I took a ream of paper to Kinkos and asked them to cut and drill it for me.

Cost? $2.40. And it was only that high because they had to do a special setup of the drill.

I know I've seen reference to this elsewhere on the forums, but I wanted to mention how cheap it really is, especially since I now have 1000 classic pages, hole-punched and ready to go.

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Maybe I should ship my paper to your Kinko's

because mine wants $1 per 100 sheets per cut. We didn't get to the part about holes.

Yet it's still cheaper than my fav Levenger paper, and I can pick the stock and colors. I'll check around for other pricing.

Cutting Paper

I also took a ream of paper to Kinko's, after inquiring over the telephone about the cost. In my area, they charge $1.50 per cut. Since I only needed one ream cut, it cost me one cut - $1.50. Though I did not ask how many reams of paper could be cut with just one cut, the machine appeared to have plenty of room to cut at least another ream if not two. This is so inexpensive that I cannot see purchasing a guillotine paper cutter or other similar such device just for this purpose.

Since I already have a Swingline #74011 7 hole punch, I didn't even think about having Kinko's do that part for me. Besides, I've been wondering whether printing with holed paper would cause the paper to get snagged in my printer.

Holed paper...

Besides, I've been wondering whether printing with holed paper would cause the paper to get snagged in my printer.

Holed paper, probably not, smurfed--possibly. The big problem with the smurfed paper is that the holes come to the edges, and can snag on things they drag past, and the edges can get bent up. With holes, you don't have that problem, unless your punching causes little "indents" in the paper, but drilled sheets don't typically have this problem and if you feather the deck before you put it in the printer, you shouldn't have any problems.



do you print on them first?

_I've printed on prepunched

_I've printed on prepunched circa and regular 3 hole notebook paper and I've never had any problems. I do recall Ryan mentioning that a lot of people have problems printing on the prepunch circa paper.
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