Meal Planner Template

A template for planning out a week's worth of dinners.
Updated: Version 1.1 now includes pages that go from Sun-Sat and Mon-Sun.

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At my house we sit down on Saturday and plan out the meals for the next week. What we cook can be based on who is able to cook on which evenings or who can setup the crock-pot in the morning.

We used to just scribble on a piece of paper, but this form has space for a mail course (and what cookbook it's in and which page it's on) a vegetable course, dessert and notes.

There is also a check list where you can note Special Ingredients to be put on your weekly shopping list.

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My wife wanted me to take

My wife wanted me to take this meal planner and have it face a weekly calendar page (7 days on one page). However, the meal planner goes from Sunday-Saturday whereas the calendar goes from Monday-Sunday. Would you mind offering another one that goes from Monday-Sunday to coincide with the weekly planner?

There you go

Was that what you had in mind?
Tim Foreman -

Yes, thank you!

Yes, thank you!

Print 2 to landscape page?

Is there any way to get this to print 2 to a landscape orientation page? Thank you for this wonderful tool :)

WW preplist (Weight Watchers)

Thanks, an excellent tool for keeping on track and keeping on points
I will bring it to my next meeting. It just trim it and fold it in half and clip to my weekly journal. If I have a issue with points, I just look up what meal might be the problem.

I'm wondering if you could

I'm wondering if you could change some of the text on this template so that instead of just using it to plan for dinner I could use it to plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner (maybe 1 line for breakfast, 1 for lunch and the last 3 for dinner). I'm a college student living in an apartment and I've found that if I don't plan out what I'm going to eat I end up eating the same junk food all the time.


had lost this!

I had lost this - thank you! It's fabulous.