New Pen on the Block

I noticed at Wal-Mart that Pilot has released a mini version of their G2 pens. Seems like it could work for people who'd like some of their tools to take up less space.

Hey, maybe you could trim down your existing G2 refills. You'd basically pry the stopper off the end and cut it down to size with an X-Acto knife (Get the original knife. The switchblade case cutters are not good for this project) then put the stopper on the trimmed end.

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I've been looking for these,

I've been looking for these, guess that OfficeDepot/Max and Staples are the last place to get these.

Did you check Wal-Mart?

That's where I saw them.

Keep looking at Office Depot

That's where I found mine... but they weren't with the pens! They had them placed semi-randomly on the ends of the aisles, hanging in vertical strips.

Or you could ask and see if they know what you're talking about...

Do you procrastinate?

Mini Pilot G2

I loved the colors of the new mini's but found them to small for my hands so I made the brown pen in this picture to hold the mini refills. Great colors with a quality holder.

??? Did you really make

??? Did you really make that pen from scratch? If so, I'd love to hear about how you do that.


I made all 3 of these pens. I start out with a 3/4 by 5 inch blank, drill it out and turn it down on a 1941 South Bend metal lathe and mount in the fittings for a fountain pen or a roller ball. The brown one I only drilled it out enough for the refill and a small spring to keep pressure on the refill. The green fountain pen has a 14k gold nib on it and takes the short ink refills. The blue one takes the full sized g2 refills.

Wow. I'm impressed, truly.

Wow. I'm impressed, truly. Your pens look lovely. Is this a hobby of yours, or are you a professional, um, pen mechanic?

Not a professional just a

Not a professional just a person with to many ideas.

I sell these pens sometimes when I have enough spare time to make up a few extras. Winter time slows down a bit for me so then I have enough time to do some playing around.

Glad that you like them. I tried to use some of the ideas that I got from a pen factory I was at when I was in Italy.

mini's are too small

Mini's are two small for me to do any extended writing, but they are nice to tuck in places for when you just need to write something quick.

i discovered the Pilot G-2 pro last week..excellent pen

Lots of minis

I keep a bunch of these lying around the house, near the phone, with the shopping list (actually clipped to it on the fridge), etc.