Anyone had experience with Black 'n' Red notebooks?

I was browsing the Staples website and came across a group of notebooks called Black 'n' Red, which from their description sound like they might good 'carrying' notebooks. Various types -- twin wire bound and case sewn, hard covers and plastic ones, full size/half sized, ruled/not rules/with A-Z dividers and so forth. And really cheap. For example, the 8.5 X 5" poly one is about $6.00.

Here's one of the descriptions:

Black N' Redâ„¢ 5 7/8"x4 1/8" Polypropylene Notebooks with Elastic Strap
70 Sheets / book
24-lb. quality paper ensures both sides can be written on
Ruled pages


They sound almost too good to be true at that price. But it bothers me that no one has suggested using, what's the catch?

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I've seen them at Staples,

I've seen them at Staples, and they seemed bulky--heavy covers, and I can't remember exactly, but maybe the lines were printed too heavy for me--I like the lines to be printed rather faintly for flexibility and I don't like to feel like I have to write on the lines.

Also maybe the lines were spaced further apart than I like. Can't remember the details, but I plan to go by Staples later today and will check them out and update this.

black n reds

they don't look that cheap to me.

Well, it probably depends on

Well, it probably depends on what you're comparing them to. Vs. steno pads, they're expensive. Vs. moleskines, they're very cheap.

*I* am too cheap to use moleskins. (Literally: I'd *buy* the buggers, but I wouldn't be able to bring myself to use them for the trivial stuff I want to capture.) I don't like spiral bound notebooks, in general. Composition books remind me of taking tests. Just looking at them on a web page, it seemed the Black n reds might be a nice compromise.

I think I'll just go ahead and order a few, trying both the hardbound and polybound ones in letter size. I'm guessing the poly ones might be too floppy to suit me, but if so, maybe I can add a layer of strawboard and decoupage it or something....

let me know how they turn out

I went to my local Staples yesterday and they didn't have any. There is a nice boutique paper and diary store near me. I'm going there today and will check.
I found out why the lines are distinct.,CRI...
Some of them are made for use with a Logitech digital pen.
Looks pretty cool, if too complicated for most of us.

Black + Red notebooks

These are great notebooks - I always picked them up in England when I used to travel there on business. Black + Red is a fairly big brand there sold in most stationary stores. The company I worked for stocked them as their standard office notebooks. In England they have a wide assortment of notebook styles, covers, etc. Glad to see they are here - I will be ordering some.

Black + Red

Just noticed - the larger version is an A4 paper size so they are likely imported from the UK.

red and black

I love these books--have been using them for years and years. Originially picked them up int he UK andand then had to special order int he states. Everythng goes in there....and is easy to find later...I am pretty visual so I can remember a doodle or a highlight I put o it. I love the quads. A bit pricey, but last--and I use the post it flags for quick reference.

Using Now

I use a soft backed, ruled, A4 Black and Red at work. The paper is nice and heavy, doesn't seem to tear easily from it's double spiral binding. Quite nice. And for a 'Yank', the A4 is fine.

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