Mead's RingDex: Instant Hipster PDA

Just returned from Office Depot where they are selling the Mead RingDex, a $2.09 deck of 80 holepunched 3x5 cards, lined front and blank back, and held-together with two, 1-inch binder rings. Remove one of those rings and you have a standard Hipster PDA.

But it's gets better. The cards are divided into 20 each of four color edges, allowing for easy navigation through the deck (the cards are white, just the edges are colored). What's more, there are two inside plastic tabs, and vinyl front and back covers.

So this is essentially a prepackaged Hipster PDA. Just print those DIY templates on the blank side of the cards, and you're ready to go.

The RingDex is Mead part number 63072, but it's apparently not yet in the online catalog at

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I ran across this little contraption called Ringdex at Walgreen's yesterday, and I thought wow! A ready-made Hipster. So I moved my index cards into it, used it for one day- AND I already abandoned it, here is why. The thing that I like about the hpda is that I can write something then stick it in my binder clip, and Viola! its part of my planner, no printing, cutting, punching, necessary. Not to mention the endless tweakability, I can change the WAY i carry index cards without changing my planner. That was the biggest thing about changing planner formats, [re-writing lists, calendar items, reference etc]. So I love the HPDA, but I don't think I'll move to circa or ringdex anytime soon just because I love the incredible simplicity of the hpda.
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Old News :)

And the secret is that the punched holes are the exact same spacing as a standard 3-hole punch for your standard American 8.5 x 11 letter-size page.

These index card binders have the same hole spacing.

With a bit of extra creativity, you can make your own covers and dividers from either card-stock dividers (like these). I have had excellent results chopping them out of plastic folders of various thicknesses.
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