DIY/GTD Teacher Kit

A set of 21 forms (all 2up) which should be of use to teachers who are implementing a GTD system on their work- and home life. Includes a number of GTD pages, plus school specific items (Dayplan, student records, anecdotals, etc.)

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

1. Today's NA (stuff to do today)
2. Class Checklist (ensure everything's handed in)
3. @ marking (remember what you need to mark, record, and return)
4. student records (record marks; take attendance)
5. communication (record communication with parents; file later)
6. anecdotal (keeping tabs/observations on a student; file later)
7. dayplan (self explanatory)
8. lesson planning (for actually planning/preparing for lessons)
9. @waiting on (2 kinds: one for borrowed stuff; one for work)
10. unit sequence (for recording what order things were done ... for next year purposes)
11. assorted GTD type pages with various self-explanatory contexts (@recon=errands ... it sounds more like what teachers do; @thinking about = someday/maybe ... has a more 'positive' sound to it)
12. A sheet of mini next action cards (to be sliced up and kept as a mini-hipster, for those times you don't have your little binder with you)

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PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)
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These are great. Thank you.

Well done!

I love these, particularly the day keeper, lesson planning, and unit sequence sheets. Any chance we'll see a Hipster-sized version? Or a 1-up I can scale?


I played with hipster-sized forms before I made this one and most of the useful forms were just too small to be useful.

... I do notice, though, that I need a form to make comments about group work (i.e. on how well a group works together)


Are you my clone ? This set is absolutely fanatastic I need every page thank you

I am too ecstatic to write anything sensible

Rogueclassicist's website AND templates rock!

Thank you so much for these! As a classicist (yay!) and English teacher, I need all the help managing the paper load I can get. I particularly like the "communication" forms, though since I teach college, I have cms with students, and not parents. Still works! It's good to keep a paper trail.

I'm working on some kind of form where I can keep track of decompression ideas--you know, where we can jot down ideas we have to avoid burnout and make sure we DO them somehow on our schedule, in between the meetings, lectures, grading sessions, etc.

I'd also like one geared towards creating new lectures, with spaces for sources, notes, guesstimated length, associated handouts and/or visual aides, blah blah.

Thank you so much. I have

Thank you so much. I have always struggled with using my planner because I wanted to have all my info-school and home in one place. I hated having two seperate systems and usually followed through on neither one. I am so excited to use this system and hope it will help me in the upcoming school year since my number one goal is to be more effective. Thanks again.

.org version?

The package is really fantastic - any chance to get it as a .org version so to be able to create it for another filofax size?

Thx in advance!

best way to collate these?

I love these templates! Any suggestions for how to collate them, put them in some sort of book, etc.? btw, I'm thinking not duct tape.

Try these ...
or you could just use a binder (ring/disc/GBC/whatever)
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