Seven-Hole Punches

Happy New Year, Friends!

I recently bought a 7-hole punch from Day Runner with holes to lie flat in an 8-1/2 x 11-inch planner. The thing doesn't work. No matter how hard I press in differen5t areas of the punch, I cannot get it to punch all seven holes. Does any one have any experience with this? Glad of your help.

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Sharpen with aluminum foil

If it's that the punches aren't sharp, you can punch some aluminum foil to sharpen them. It might be that the punches aren't aligned properly height-wise though. Since you just bought this, perhaps you should return it.

Aluminum foil, it's not just for hats.

Might dull the punch...

If I guess correctly, the punch is made of plastic. It's probably good for punching one sheet of paper at a time, but isn't that durable. Punching aluminum foil might wear it out prematurely.

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