8.5 x 5.5 Lined Pages Template

Hi all,

I've been going crazy looking for a lined page template for the 8.5 x 5.5 Classic Covey Franklin planner. I have the paper forms but I can't get the text to line up on the lines. There must be a template out there somewhere.:):)


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Pre printed lined pages

Hi Shannon
Are you saying that you have pre-printed lined FC pages and you want to add text to them that fits within the pre-printed lines? I think that would be a very hard template to do because printers all print just a tiny bit differently, even with fixed margins and the regular lined FC pages seem to be so small anyway.

Can you be more specific? It's always possible somewhere here could have exactly what you are looking for. :)

I had a similar problem

with a form we use a lot at the law firm I work for. It's this maddening form for time strips that the lawyers use for logging their time on cetain cases. When the lawyer I work for asked me to figure out how to type out his time, I called the company that makes the forms and actually spoke to the head guy and he laughed at me when I asked for a template. Ooookayyy.

Anyway, here's how I figured this out.

- I scanned in the form and pasted it onto a word document

- I created a table and lined up the table lines with the lines on the PDF stuck on the document

- I selected the PDF and deleted it.

- I hid the lines so they wouldn't print out on the form when I run it through the printer.

I had to do some major tweaking to get it right, but I've got it pretty much down now. It was a pain, but it's the only thing I could think of to get what my boss wanted.

Hope that helps!

You mean like this... ?

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