Is There a Version 3 Widget Kit?

I was getting ready to customize some version 3 forms when I realized ... there is no widget kit that matches the Version 3 forms. The 0.6 kit is similar, but lacks the gradients and curves of Version 3.

I could spend a few hours duplicating the widgets (I'm fairly handy with OOo), but I thought I'd save some effort if there's a kit out there. I've searched here, but haven't found any Version 3 stuff that isn't in PDF form.

So my question is, is there a place where I might find an Open Office Draw document with the Version 3 widgets?

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I guess not ...

... or someone would have responded.

So I'll make my own, sort of like a Frankenform but in Ooo, so one can use the widgets to make new forms. When I have it done, I'll upload it.

You are right there isn't

You are right there isn't one. ygor's Dynamic Templates is sort of the official version, and he's using the layouts from version 3 with the the widgets from version 2 (aka the version 0.6 you already have). The rounded edge didn't scale well, but the gradient did. I'm sure you will have a lot of difficulty getting the rounded corner looking just right at all scales. Good luck and I can't wait. Would you mind adding the calendar layout and the journal one the 0.6 version has? most forms are modified versions of those