Levenger's finally unclenched

We’ve just made holiday gift-giving a lot easier: Enjoy 20% off your order with no minimum purchase, through December 6, 2009. Enter Promotion Code 20NOMIN9 at checkout. Start shopping now: Link

I hated all the e-mails I was getting from Levenger's offering a discount with a minimum $100 purchase.

This was a refreshing change that I felt MUST be shared

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Levenger's discount

BTW - Levenger will credit your account 20%, if you missed the discount and placed an order.

I was hating those 20% off $100 emails too.

I'm so glad they had another sale that everyone could participate in. I would love to be able to drop $100 at a time on Levenger but it's just never going to happen. What did you all get? I got few a clearanced items that I am so excited about my favorite items are a leather pda foldover and veneer pda docking station : )

I hope it was fun while it lasted

We are back to the $100 minimum garbage.
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I ended up spending that

I ended up spending that much any way,but my punch should be here today... they have super fast shipping!