What size margins to have? And taking template requests.

I am working on a set of templates and wondered what are some safe margins to use to allow for easy printing and binding (say for either rings or disks). While I a mainly making this for myself, when I am done I plan on uploading my templates for anyone else that may want to use them, and I just wanted to try and accommodate as many people as I could. Right now the plan is to make both a 3x5 and half-sheet/A5 edition, in grayscale and a variety of colors.

Also, the type of pages I am including will be similar to those in the D*I*Y planner templates, so if anyone has any page requests feel free to ask. I am not making any promises, but I can certainly try to include as many requests as possible.
I have attached a prototype page for those that may be interested. It is an early attempt, so by the time I am done, it may change.

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Margins vary

by both template and mainly by printer.
Most non-photo printers will not print to the entire sheet of paper.
You might check out printer specs for coverage info.
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Depends on the binding


You need about a half inch for ring binding to make sure your lines and text are not interrupted by holes.

You need about .35 of an inch for disc binding, for the same reason.

People who print on index cards like no margin or a microscopic margin so they can use the entire card, generally, unless they use a ring or discs to bind the cards. But as ygor mentioned, most printers require a margin unless they're photo printers.

I think comb binding and spiral binding methods will fit within the .5 inch area as well.

The biggest issue is which side people are binding on. If they bind on the left/right, you can use smaller margins on the top/bottom, and vice versa.


Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the info, i will take it into consideration.

Classic page margins

I do just about everything in Classic/Junior sized (both Circa and FC ring bound) and make quite a few of my own pages. I was using .6 for the ring side and .4 for the non ring side, but I got tired of making two pages for everything so now I just use .5 on the side margins and whatever I can get away with for the top and bottom (my printer resets every bottom margin it seems). The ring punches encroach a little bit (using a Franklin 7 hole punch), but it's only a tiny bit so I don't mind.