8.5 x 11 porfolio-type

I am an active college student, so I have my backpack wherever I go. I've seen and like the idea of the full 8.5x11 inch pages, but can't seem to find any good planners or anything of that size. I'll be stopping by the local book store tomorrow, but do you have any places online? I'm after something that's relatively thin... I guess like a bigger brother to a dayplanner or the like.

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Most of the planner lines do

Most of the planner lines do a "desk size" that is US Letter size, but personally I would just use a 1/2 inch standard notebook in a color you like.
Also check the sale bins, sometimes the expensive planners go in there this early, but usually it is closer to July.

The main reason I want to

The main reason I want to have a binder with replacable pages and one that looks nice (leather, etc). I want to be able to use it in my classes as a calendar, but also take it to job fairs and the like. Also, I tend to be pretty hard on notebooks.

Interview Kit

Personally I use a special folder for interviews with just a blank pad of paper, supporting documents, and maybe some employer/interviewer notes.

I keep a lot of personal notes in my calandar, and since I can read upside down, I assume everyone else can too :)

I guess the main thing I'm

I guess the main thing I'm after is a nice padfolio type thing... I want the thinness of a padfolio but I also want some way of attaching loose leaf pages I make and print together in a viewable format...

I think I may be after the impossible...


Of course, as soon as I posted that, I came up with another idea...

If I were to print out things to a page. A calendar to a page, a week go a page, what have you, and used the black metal binder clips that are used in some Hipsters and put it into a zipper style padfolio... Hmmm...

And I could make my own sorta notepaper to put in it as well, so I could hide stuff from those who can read upsidedown...

Circa or Rollabind possibilities

Thin like a padfolio, but rearrangeable like a loose-leaf? Maybe some of the Circa or Rollabind products would be good choices for you.

Do you procrastinate?

I went and got a zip up

I went and got a zip up porfolio with a large pad of paper in it, some pockets, etc. It also has Penn State on it in large-ish letters, but it is leather and looks pretty good.

I took some binder clips and have attached a few pages on top of the notebook it came with. It works great. The only problem now is that I'm going to need to make all of my pages be one page wide like a top-bound tablet.

I'm thinking of just making everything sideways letter size... Anyone know if there's a template already for this?

Once I make some actual progress, I'll put up some links to pictures.