What are y'all adding?

Just curious as to what everyone is adding and/or subtracting from their planners this year since it's about that time to get started or to start planning our planners (as we paper and organization freaks are apt to do).

As for me:

- grocery list pages
- more project pages
- Wishlist pages
- Things to check out pages
- Notes pages specific to each of my novels
- Character idea pages
- self-made finances pages (to better suit how I work things)
- new vocabulary words pages (with a space for definitions and etymologies)
- diary pages (one per week)
- article ideas (because I need to submit some stuff somewhere)
- possible GRE study questions (maybe three per week?)

- cutting down on general notes pages
- to buy pages
- cutting down on storyboard pages
- Actions Quads

I still need to find another cover as I fear my planner may be too thick for my present one. :^o Maybe I can get away with using the old one.

I've been using the diy templates like crazy, but I keep coming up with my own pages too. Really, I look forward to this every year.

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Remains to be seen...

After having downsized to a compact size (Franklin planner) and stayed with it a couple of years, I'm finding that it just doesn't have QUITE enough room to suit my purposes. I am also, equally sure that I cannot go back to the classic Mac-truck-sized planner! What to do?

I think I may have found a way out. I happened upon a spiral bound weekly calendar (Mead cheapie) which is exactly the weekly layout I prefer. I love the layout, color scheme, and size.

That just leaves the question of what to do with all the other stuff that isn't calendar pages? I don't know yet, but I just might be going to resurrect my atoma notebook, with the smallest-sized discs to contain all my DIY stuff. (I DIY everything but the actual calendar.)

I haven't tried yet to see if this will work, but I believe this should be a much skinnier bundle than a classic Franklin planner. Perhaps I can have the best of both worlds by going back to a size that works better, but in a much skinnier (lighter-weight) total package.

More than annually

Years ago, when I purchased my planner "refills", I would make changes to my system at the end of year for the year ahead.

However, one of the unfortunate side effects of DIY is that I no longer wait until the end of the year to make changes. I'm constantly adding & subtracting things. I won't bore you with the plethora of changes made in 2009 alone, but I will say they have been numerous.

I have recently jumped on the Circa bandwagon in earnest, assembling a DIY planner in the "junior" size. I still use notecards like crazy, but now I smurf them and add them to my growing Circa. I say "growing" because I have already upgraded disk size so I can add more pages.

And so it goes...




I have been thinking a bit about my organizing and stuff lately.

My home life is remarkably uneventful. I started writing out a big list of stuff we don't have just now, but I erased it, because we just don't have it. We have three travel events a year, roughly, and very little personal stuff to track.

My work life is all about sitting in front of the computer--being on phone calls, giving demos, answering emails and other questions, cranking widgets. So all of the scheduling there is on Outlook and it really doesn't have to chase me around from place to place. Any personal appointments that happen during business hours go in there too so I get the proper reminders during work.

All that leaves is the work to do list--the widget-cranking. The boss likes to see it, so it's often in an excel spreadsheet. But since the spreadsheet is shared amongst 5 or 6 people, I've replicated it on paper in front of me. Just a plain sheet of paper, with a handwritten list on it, on a clipboard so it won't get lost. I started highlighting stuff as it's completed or delegated, but I find that my patience wading through a cluttered list is very short, so it gets rewritten after about 10 things get stricken. Right now there are 30 items on the list, with 8 being done or delegated. I'm supposed to do the high priority stuff first, then the medium, then the low. So they're coded to allow me to find them easily.

I used to do a lot of fancy stuff with my planner, but I got tired. I don't need any more overhead, I just need to know what to do next. I can only do one thing at a time, so getting all fancy with my pages and schedules and printing and stuff just takes time away from doing something else.

I think I see a to-do calling me. :)


In my email, I have some stuff flagged that needs action at some point. Some of those are duplicates of items on my list. Some are not.

I don't really like rewriting, but I don't want to have the spreadsheet open all the time as it prevents other people from saving changes. Then they bug me to make their changes for them, which wastes my time and theirs.

Anyway, I suppose it's a very wordy way of saying I'm paring down to the bare essentials. A piece of paper with a list, and Outlook.