Poor Girl's Grocery List

If you're like me and on an extremely tight shoestring budget, buying groceries can be a challenge. I find that the best way to keep within your grocery budget is to estimate how much you're going to spend, and then keep up with how much you're actually spending while you're at the store.

This grocery list is designed with that method of shopping in mind.

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Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
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This is 2-up.

I made this in Word using the tables menu. If you want to alter it a little bit, download the Word file. I used up pretty much the entire margin limits, so it may be a little wonky on the spacing and page breaks.

I've also attached a PDF version.

I hopefully left enough space for adding those little extras you will inevitably pick up.

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Microsoft Word or any PDF reader such as Acrobat or Foxit Reader.
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great idea.. I never think

great idea.. I never think to est each item..good way to stay on track and see where you might need to cut back!